3 AI Certifications To Make 6 Figures In 2024

In today's fast-paced technological landscape, professional development and continuous learning have become crucial for career advancement. A recent report highlights a significant shift in job market trends, with many employers considering removing bachelor's degree requirements in favor of practical skills and certifications. This change underscores the growing importance of specialized certifications, such as those offered by the PSBS and the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). The programs aim to equip professionals with industry-relevant skills to navigate and excel in an evolving job market. 
We all must consider this approach moving forward as employers focus on practical expertise and certified knowledge over traditional academic qualifications. In this article, we will explore some AI certifications with the potential to earn six figures in 2024: 

1. Microsoft Azure AI Engineer

  • Salary Range: $140,038 - $209,000 annually.
  • Program Overview: This certification centers on implementing AI solutions through Azure's AI services.
  • Prerequisites: Candidates should be familiar with Azure, AI concepts, and data services.
  • Cost: $165.
The role of a Microsoft Azure AI Engineer is multifaceted, involving the development, management, and deployment of AI solutions that leverage Azure AI services. Here's a detailed look at what this position entails:
  • Development and Deployment of AI Solutions: As an Azure AI Engineer, you are responsible for building and managing AI solutions. This involves being a key player in all phases of AI solution development, from requirements definition and design to development, deployment, integration, maintenance, performance tuning, and monitoring​​.
  • Collaboration and Integration: Your role involves working closely with professionals such as solution architects, data scientists, data engineers, Internet of Things (IoT) specialists, infrastructure administrators, and other software developers. The goal is to build complete and secure end-to-end AI solutions and integrate AI capabilities into other applications and solutions​​.
  • Technical Expertise: You should have experience in developing solutions using programming languages like Python and C#. Additionally, using Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs and Software Development Kits (SDKs) is essential for building secure solutions in areas like image processing, video processing, natural language processing, knowledge mining, and generative AI on Azure​​.
  • Understanding Azure AI Portfolio and Applying Responsible AI Principles: An Azure AI Engineer must understand the components of the Azure AI portfolio and the available data storage options. Applying responsible AI principles is also a critical part of the job​​.
  • AI Implementation in IoT Systems: Additionally, Azure engineer roles include the implementation of AI across IoT systems and using efficient tools such as Java for these implementations​​.
  • Shaping the Future of Azure AI: As an Azure AI Engineer, you will also harness cognitive and Azure OpenAI services to transform unmet needs into proof-of-concept applications, impacting how the world operates. This involves building strategies, integration models, and proofs of concept​​.
This role is integral to developing and implementing AI solutions in various sectors, requiring a blend of technical skills, collaborative abilities, and an in-depth understanding of AI and Azure services. Holding a Microsoft Azure certification opens the door to various career opportunities, as Azure's cloud services are widely used across multiple industries. Here are some potential job roles for individuals with Microsoft Azure certifications:
  • Azure Cloud Architect: Responsible for designing and implementing cloud solutions on the Azure platform. This role involves deep understanding of cloud computing technologies, architecture, and best practices.
  • Azure DevOps Engineer: Focuses on the fusion of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), facilitating the development, deployment, and management of applications on Azure.
  • Azure Solutions Architect: Involves designing solutions that run on Azure, including computing, network, storage, and security.
  • Azure Administrator: Manages Azure's cloud services, including computing, storage, network, and security services. This role ensures efficient and optimal use of Azure resources.
  • Azure AI Engineer: Specializes in developing, deploying, and managing AI solutions on the Azure platform, leveraging various AI services and machine learning tools provided by Azure.
  • Azure Data Engineer: Involves designing and implementing data solutions on Azure, including data storage, processing, and analytics services.
  • Azure Security Engineer: Focuses on implementing and managing security controls and threat protection, ensuring the security of Azure applications and data.
  • Azure Data Scientist: Applies machine learning techniques and analytics to derive insights from data using Azure’s machine learning and extensive data capabilities.
  • Azure IoT Specialist: Develops and manages IoT solutions within the Azure IoT ecosystem, including devices and applications.
  • Azure Sales and Technical Sales Professional: These roles involve selling Azure services and helping customers understand how Azure can meet their business needs.
Each of these roles requires specific knowledge and skills in Azure cloud services, and the relevant certification can significantly enhance a professional’s capability to perform effectively in these positions. The demand for Azure-skilled professionals is high due to the widespread adoption of Azure services across different sectors.

2. Google TensorFlow Certification

  • Salary Range: $94,000 - $204,000 annually.
  • Program Overview: This certifies expertise in building and deploying machine learning (ML) models using TensorFlow.
  • Prerequisites: You must understand machine learning algorithms, Python programming, and TensorFlow.
  • Cost: Developer exam $100
The Google TensorFlow Developer Certificate focuses on foundational knowledge of integrating machine learning into tools and applications. This certification demands a comprehensive understanding of building TensorFlow models using various techniques and tools. Here are some key aspects:
  • Knowledge Areas: The certification encompasses a broad range of skills, including understanding and applying foundational principles of machine learning and deep learning, building machine learning models in TensorFlow 2. x, and developing image recognition, object detection, and text recognition algorithms using deep neural networks and convolutional neural networks​​
  • Real-World Applications: It also requires using real-world images in different shapes and sizes, understanding the journey of an image through convolutions, and plotting loss and accuracy. Furthermore, it explores strategies to prevent overfitting, such as augmentation and dropouts​​.
  • Natural Language Processing: Applying neural networks to solve natural language processing problems using TensorFlow is also a significant part of the certification​​.
Professionals with a Google TensorFlow certification must be skilled in machine learning, deep learning, and AI application development. They are often suited for roles such as:
  • Machine Learning Engineer: Developing and implementing machine learning models, mainly focusing on TensorFlow as a tool.
  • Data Scientist: Working with large datasets to create models to analyze and interpret complex patterns and trends.
  • AI Application Developer: Design and develop applications that leverage AI and machine learning TensorFlow data scientist abilities, focusing on TensorFlow.
  • Research Scientist (AI/ML): Engaging in advanced research in AI and ML, utilizing TensorFlow for experimental and development purposes.
The TensorFlow certification primarily validates one's ability to build and deploy machine learning models using TensorFlow, making certified professionals attractive candidates for roles that require such expertise.

3. AWS Machine Learning Specialty

  • Salary Range: $92,000 - $130,000 annually.
  • Program Overview: It validates the ability to design, implement, and deploy ML solutions using AWS services.
  • Prerequisites: A deep understanding of machine learning and AWS services is required.
  • Cost: $300.
The AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty certification is designed for individuals in development or data science roles with over a year of experience with machine learning or deep learning workloads in the AWS Cloud. This certification validates expertise in building, training, tuning, and deploying machine learning models on AWS. To be eligible for this exam, experts recommend candidates have at least two years of hands-on experience with ML or deep learning workloads in the AWS Cloud, understanding of basic ML algorithms, experience with hyperparameter optimization, familiarity with ML and deep learning frameworks, and knowledge of model-training, deployment, and operational best practices.
To earn the certification, candidates must pass the AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty exam (MLS-C01), which features multiple choice and multiple response question formats​​. Some potential roles for qualified candidates include:
  • AWS Machine Learning Engineer: Responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining machine learning models and solutions on the AWS platform.
  • Data Scientist: Utilizes AWS machine learning services and tools to analyze large data sets, extract insights, and build predictive models.
  • Cloud Solutions Architect (Machine Learning Specialty): Focuses on architecting and deploying machine learning solutions on the AWS cloud, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • AWS Cloud Developer (Machine Learning Focus): Develops and integrates machine learning functionalities into various applications and systems using AWS services.
  • Machine Learning Researcher: Engages in research and development activities, leveraging AWS ML tools to explore new algorithms, techniques, and approaches in machine learning.
  • AI/ML Consultant: Advises and guides organizations on best practices for implementing machine learning solutions on AWS, including model training, tuning, and deployment strategies.
  • Data Engineer (Machine Learning on AWS): Specializing in designing and building data processing systems that support machine learning workloads using various AWS data services.
  • ML Ops Engineer: Focuses on operationalizing machine learning models on AWS, ensuring smooth deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of ML systems.

Additionally, the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) offers comprehensive training in AI, accelerated computing, and data science. They offer self-paced and instructor-led classes on accelerated computing training, generative AI/Large language models, and Infrastructure.  
For each of these certifications, you'll typically need a few months to a year to complete the program, depending on your prior knowledge and experience. These certifications can lead to roles where you'll be involved in developing, implementing, and managing AI and machine learning solutions, catering to diverse industry needs.
The world of technology and AI is brimming with opportunities, and specializing in a specific area can lead to a rewarding and lucrative career, often with the potential to earn six figures. Whether it's Microsoft Azure, Google TensorFlow, AWS Machine Learning, or NVIDIA's Deep Learning Institute, picking a lane and sticking to it could be your ticket to a thriving future in this dynamic field. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our email list to keep up with the latest trends, insights, and tips that could further enhance your career journey. Stay informed, stay ahead, and let's navigate this exciting tech landscape together!
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