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Our goal is to provide resources and products that will help you develop skills, increase your income, and begin building wealth. Two years ago our team started out with four friends that had one vision to normalize wealth within the black community through financial literacy and the practice of group economics. Since then we have been able to help countless people from all walks of life change their situations through the principles we believe in.

Meet our team

David F Bellard Jr

David F Bellard Jr.

Bio: What’s up fam, my name is David Fitzgerald Bellard, Jr. I born on December 7, 1994 in the small rural town of Opelousas, LA. From a young age, I have always shown a high aptitude for learning and an understanding of the value of hard work. I was “the smart kid”. The one that everyone votes as Most Likely To Succeed. You know, the kid everyone expected to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or something like that.

Like many people, I thought that this would be my path, so I worked hard and earned an academic scholarship along with a chance to play football at Louisiana Tech University. Against the advice of just about everyone at the university, I decided to major in engineering & quickly found myself overwhelmed by my workload as a student athlete. This challenged me to try harder, but I ultimately concluded that engineering wasn’t for me and ended up changing my major to Biology during my sophomore year.

My major pivot was not well planned and was done with the intention of keeping me on track to graduate in 4 years. Shortly after changing my major, I made the decision to leave football and get a job. This provided me with income and peace of mind but i still has an issue. I did not have a real plan. During my junior year I realized that I would much rather do business & marketing, but I wasn’t trying to get a bunch of student loan debt. So during the summers, Jared, Kelly & I began to work on various side ventures trying everything from dropshipping to forex to making an influencer page. We didn’t know it at the time, but those summers began to sow the seeds of what would grow to be BWR.

After graduating, I started the process of becoming an EMT and during that time I was introduced to Rich Dad Poor Dad by one of my best friends/co founders Jared Spiller. The book opened my eyes to the realm of financial literacy and ignited my passion for entrepreneurship. From that point forward I felt  that it was imperative to share this information with people who look like me based on a firm belief that a large part of our issues are rooted in economics. If we knew this type of information earlier we would see many of the changes we wish to see in the black community as well as a higher level of achievement. That is exactly what we aim to accomplish with this platform; educating the black masses on the importance of financial literacy & group economics by providing them with examples as well as the tools and resources to help them attain wealth.

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Jalen Clark

Jalen Clark

Bio: Hello I'm Jalen Clark a 27 year old entrepreneur from the small town of Opelousas Louisiana. Growing up in a small town I always knew there was more to life and was determined to uncover those secrets. I grew up the oldest of 5 in a single parent household. Life wasn’t easy for us with my mother providing for 5 children and herself. I had to grow up quickly and be an example for my younger siblings. I graduated College from Northwestern State University In Natchitoches Louisiana with a bachelor's degree in business administration concentrated in marketing. Upon graduating from College I quickly realize the corporate life was not a place for me since I’m constantly challenging the rules and thinking of ways to innovate. I felt limited and unchallenged in some positions. I have tried many hands at entrepreneurship and learned plenty of lessons through those ventures.

I joined BWR In February of 2019 through one of my bestfriend's David Bellard.  My main reasoning for joining Black Wealth Renaissance is to make a difference in someone’s life who could benefit from the tools and resources our platform was providing.  I know the black community is severely underserved and highly overlooked when it comes to resources, education and opportunities, so we Took on the responsibility of proving those necessities.

We do this through providing courses and resources to educate oneself. We also highlight successful African-American entrepreneurs and business professionals. Providing examples and role models for the youth and their parents is pivotal in changing the narrative.  I look to spread the message of financial literacy to anyone who is willing to learn.  Im beyond blessed to be on this team and can’t wait to see the impact we have on others.

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Kelly Rhodes

Kelly Rhodes

Bio: Hello everyone I’m Kelly Rhodes, I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. I grew up going to private school all my life until middle school when I moved to Burleson Texas. In high school I played sports specifically Football where I think I started my ridiculous work ethic. I’m a very competitive person so I genuinely feel I’m always the hardest working person in whatever I do. After graduating high school I went to Louisiana Tech due to their quarter system. This is where really my interesting journey begins. My first year of college I was an engineering major and hated it. I almost flunked out my first quarter finishing with a 2.1 GPA. At that point I knew engineering was not the major for me.

I ended up changing my major to business management after my first quarter. After my 2nd quarter at tech I had to leave school for a quarter due to financial issues. I came back during the summer session and never looked back. Despite not selecting the right major and sitting out a quarter, I still was able to graduate with a business management degree in three years. After graduation I moved to West Texas where I am currently working in the oil field as a safety professional. I became part of BWR back in January of 2019 and it has been a wild and amazing ride. I wanted to get involved because I knew that the black community consistently has been overlooked when providing information about wealth.

So I wanted to create a platform that shows people that there are people out there that look like us doing amazing things financially. Not only did I want to highlight those people I also wanted people to learn thousands of ways in which they could take action to build generational wealth. I have also begun my investment investing journey in 2019 becoming a silent investor and I am curious to what the future holds.

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Jarred Spiller

Jarred Spiller

Bio: What’s good y’all it’s Jared. I was born in Richardson, Texas and moved to Ruston, Louisiana when I was young. I grew up in Ruston and attended Louisiana Tech University which was where I met David and Kelly and eventually would end up leading me to meet Jalen through my fraternity. I came across the book Rich Dad Poor Dad from a fraternity brother of mine (S/O Henry). And, after reading the book I was hooked on financial education. I always had an interest in money and my roommates and I were notorious for our money making schemes. But, after reading RDPD our mindsets changed forever. Fast forward one year later and while talking about our business plans and lack of support David and I start Black Wealth Renaissance as a passion project to raise awareness about financial literacy.

Fast forward another year and we’ve built a huge community dedicated to the education of our people. We’ve grown so much and continue to grow and I’m so happy for that because to me it means that we are reaching more people and hopefully helping more people, which was why we started. Personally, I use different micro-investing methods as of now while increasing my income to purchase my first property or househack. I’m currently going into my first tax season as a preparer and I’m studying for my notary exam in June.

I hope that you find this book to be helpful and insightful and if you need anything else feel free to reach out you know where to find Black Wealth Renaissance!

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