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Our goal is to provide resources and products that will help you develop skills, increase your income, and begin building wealth. Two years ago our team started out with four friends that had one vision to normalize wealth within the black community through financial literacy and the practice of group economics. Since then we have been able to help countless people from all walks of life change their situations through the principles we believe in.

Meet our team

David F Bellard Jr.

Bio: My name is David Bellard. I am a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Opelousas, LA who helps small business owners grow their brand online & connect with new customers utilizing social media.  I am one of the founding members of Black Wealth Renaissance, a platform on a mission to educate the black masses on the importance of financial literacy by providing them with examples as well as the tools and resources to help them attain wealth. I specialize in developing content strategies to drive organic growth, engagement, and sales. Over the past 3 years I’ve helped over 600 clients generate tens of thousands of dollars online and am responsible for helping some of the biggest gurus position themselves as the go to authority in their field.As a part of the mission of BWR, I also host the highly acclaimed Black Wealth Renaissance Podcast to share the stories and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs with our community on a weekly basis. I also organize events for black entrepreneurs & professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to build connections and learn as a unit. I am a firm believer that our community can solve the problems we face and that it all starts with us. It is my ultimate desire to change the face of what the “culture” finds cool and provide young brothers and sisters with powerful examples of what they can be while providing them with the resources to get there.

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Jalen Clark

Jalen Clark

Bio: Hello I'm Jalen Clark a 27 year old entrepreneur from the small town of Opelousas Louisiana. Growing up in a small town I always knew there was more to life and was determined to uncover those secrets. I grew up the oldest of 5 in a single parent household. Life wasn’t easy for us with my mother providing for 5 children and herself. I had to grow up quickly and be an example for my younger siblings. I graduated College from Northwestern State University In Natchitoches Louisiana with a bachelor's degree in business administration concentrated in marketing. Upon graduating from College I quickly realize the corporate life was not a place for me since I’m constantly challenging the rules and thinking of ways to innovate. I felt limited and unchallenged in some positions. I have tried many hands at entrepreneurship and learned plenty of lessons through those ventures.

I joined BWR In February of 2019 through one of my bestfriend's David Bellard.  My main reasoning for joining Black Wealth Renaissance is to make a difference in someone’s life who could benefit from the tools and resources our platform was providing.  I know the black community is severely underserved and highly overlooked when it comes to resources, education and opportunities, so we Took on the responsibility of proving those necessities.

We do this through providing courses and resources to educate oneself. We also highlight successful African-American entrepreneurs and business professionals. Providing examples and role models for the youth and their parents is pivotal in changing the narrative.  I look to spread the message of financial literacy to anyone who is willing to learn.  Im beyond blessed to be on this team and can’t wait to see the impact we have on others.

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